The Oscars: Live Blog 2016

Here is the link to our live blog of The Oscars for 2016! Please click and join in as we watch the golden Oscars be given, and let us know what you think of how the night is transpiring! Debates, opinions, and outbursts are all welcome, all I ask is that you be respectful of your fellow commentators.

Live Blog Oscar Viewing Party (2016)


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Live Event

Hello ReelTalk followers! This post is to both inform and invite for you to participate in tomorrow’s live-blogging event! Starting at 10:30, a group of friends and I will sit down and watch each and every Star Wars movie, back to back, (so about 13 hours worth of lightsabers and blasters and “Luke, I am your father”‘s) in order to prep for The Force Awakens!

We will start with A New Hope (1977), and continue in order, despite many arguments for the “Axe Method”. Feel free to follow along and check in with us, since 13 hours is a bit of a time investment and we might very well go stir-crazy, so I’m sure some fun comments will be made.

Hope to see your usernames there!

Update: Here is the link to the site (I hope) so you can follow along, if you haven’t been already!

Live Blog Star Wars Marathon


Live Blog Star Wars Marathon

Welcome to Reel Talk!

Hello to anyone who happens to stumble upon this wonderful site, and welcome to Reel Talk! Here we will have a fun time reviewing, discussing, and just plain picking apart films and everything to do with them. I am a particular fan of details that include film scores (I personally believe that even a horrible movie can have a great score) so the nitpicking will include everything I can think of: score, camera angle, story, casting, the works.

I also promise, I will do my absolute best not to put any spoilers in my discussions, unless the movie is fairly old. Even then I will keep the game changing spoilers quiet- I know how annoying it is when the climax is spoiled before you’ve watched it!

So come along with me on this cinematic adventure and let’s Talk Reel!