In a Marvel Universe Far, Far Away…

Now that both the Star Wars and Marvel franchises are housed under the umbrella with mouse ears, we can expect to see a bit more crossover in characters. Most of the castings are new, but there are a few that were decided long before the two franchises answered to Disney, so it’s interesting to go back and see which actors managed to find a foot in both worlds. With Solo: A Star Wars Story adding three characters to the overall total and several more movies (on both sides) on the way, we can only expect this list to keep on growing.

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Coming Up in May (2018)

We’re really heading into the land of summer blockbusters, now that Avengers: Infinity War has opened the door. It is possible to find other kinds of movies, though, if blockbusters aren’t quite your taste. Here are some of your options for the month of May.

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Reactions to the 2018 Oscars

This may have been one of the most boring Oscars ceremonies ever. That’s not to say that cool things didn’t happen, and that’s not to say that the winners weren’t exciting. Basically, it just means that I have no strong feelings one way or the other. Usually there is at least one winner that makes me very angry – like Suicide Squad (2016) – or a winner who makes me very happy – like Spotlight (2015) – and this year, even if my personal pick didn’t win, I was okay with whoever did. As for my personal picks, I had about 25% accuracy when it came to guessing the Oscar Winners, which was better than I expected in all honesty. Despite my hopes.

There were some categories where I hadn’t seen any of the nominated films – Documentary and Documentary Short, Foreign Film, Short Films (both animated and live action), so the guesses I took for those winners (and I actually did get one right) were shots in the dark, so I didn’t include those because in those cases, I’m just very happy for the winners.

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Coming Up in March (2018)

Flowers are starting to bloom, rains are starting to come, but it’s still really cold so you may as well stay inside and watch a couple of movies! More and more options are starting to trickle in for March, and we’re starting to see some block-buster type movies appear, but there’s plenty for all. Here’s what’s coming up this March.

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Oscar Nominee Wish List

So many movies come out in a year that, sadly, it’s impossible for them all to be nominated for awards. That doesn’t mean we can’t think back on the movies that we really enjoyed this year and wish that they had been at least recognized with a nomination. Below are some of the films I think should have gotten a nomination and which category they should have been considered for.

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