Bruce Almighty vs. Click

*Disclaimer: Potential Spoiler Alerts*

Ever wonder what it might be like if you had control over your own life? And I’m not talking about normal control, I’m talking god-like, complete and utter control. You could change your boss’ mind to give you that promotion. You could suddenly have the car that you want without paying for it. You don’t have to be sick ever. This complete and utter power is explored by two different movies in two different ways- who did it better?

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Contagion vs. Outbreak

*Disclaimer: Potential Spoilers*

For our second Film Fight, we’re going to take a look at films about a viral outbreak that threatens the safety and health of America and possibly the rest of humanity. Viral outbreaks are a great topics for books and for movies, given that any story that revolves around an enemy as small, deadly and seemingly indestructible as a virus makes for either a thriller, a horror or even an almost documentary style of story. So how did these two films do with a viral outbreak?

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The Hunger Games vs. Battle Royale

Let’s face it, it’s really hard to be completely original in Hollywood anymore. There are certain cliches and ideas that are used multiple times in multiple movies- the trick is to use them in a way that is original or new and interesting. Here in Film Fights, we like to look at those similarities and compare them in a “who did it better” scenario. And what better way to start than with two of the arguably most similar movies, based around the idea of children killing each other, Battle Royale (2000) and The Hunger Games (2012). 

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