Gifted’s Unexpected Present

Warning: Potential Spoilers*

Looking at everything that the film Gifted tries to be, the odds of it being as good as it is are overwhelmingly stacked against it. Director Marc Webb is known for his work on The Amazing Spiderman series, a very different tone and feeling from the tear-jerking drama of Gifted. Familiar faces are presented with less time than we ever would have expected for them (except for Chris Evans, who is front and center and knows it). The script is filled with cliches and sometimes does not do itself justice by explaining the events for us in a satisfying way. So what is it that Gifted gives us that makes it a worthwhile film? The gift we are given is execution – the chemistry between actors, the way that the story unravels in a way that both embraces and defies cliche, and the simple beauty of every unpolished shot come together to bring this film to life in a way that you would not expect walking into the theater. It may be formulaic, but when the elements of Gifted come together, you forget about formula, your eyes well up, and your heart feels full.

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