Moana: Disney at its Finest

*Warning: Spoilers Ahead*

No matter how excited we may be for Beauty and the Beast (2017) and Emma Watson in her perfect role, it’s sometimes hard to look at Disney’s upcoming releases and feel the same excitement that the Disney name once inspired in us. In the next few years, it seems that all of the movies we once loved are being remade – literally everything from Mulan to 101 Dalmatians to even Winnie the Pooh – and between remakes and the cinematic universes Disney has accumulated over the years (Marvel alone puts out two movies a year), it’s sometimes hard to remember why we loved Disney in the first place. Then they put out something like Moana –  stunning visuals, catchy songs, a meaningful and creative tale – and we remember why we’ve always turned to them when we want to be told a story that makes our imaginations (and the little child inside of us) sing.

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Best Film Quotes of 2016

Sometimes, a well-written line can make a decent movie great, or a horrible movie bearable. There have been many, many, MANY movies this year, and each have little gems of excellent dialogue buried in them to make them good or great. Some are funny, some are sad, some just resonate in your very soul. Whether or not all these movies have been recognized with awards yet, here are some of our favorite lines given this year!

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Fantastic Beasts: Found Mostly in Fandom Hearts

It has been nineteen years since the first Harry Potter novel, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, was published and brought to the public. Four years later it was adapted to the screen, and that kicked off the age of six more books (ten if you include the tagalong books like  Tales of Beedle the Bard and The Cursed Child) and seven more movies where magic was brought to life for viewers. Now, five years after the films caught up with the books, the Harry Potter universe has been expanded again in the form of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, based off of one of the textbooks from the original story. While Harry Potter fans young and old are excited to return to the world of wizards that they all know and love, the No-Maj’s of the world (or Muggles, for anyone who’d grown up with the series), Fantastic Beasts may just not be up to par.

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Arrival: The Intelligent Alien Invasion

*Warning: Potential Spoilers*

A little more than a year ago, the film Crimson Peak (2015) surprised and almost infuriated audiences because, as they pointed out in the dialogue, it was not a “ghost story”, but rather “a story with ghosts in it.” This is not necessarily a bad thing, but audiences need to consider that before deciding to view, because they may have wanted the ghost story. Arrival seems to be Crimson Peak‘s sci-fi cousin – it is not a story about aliens and invasions, as you may have thought. It is actually just a story that happens to have aliens in it. In fact, it could almost be argued that Arrival takes a concept that other films (Interstellar is the first to come to mind) have struggled with, reeled the audience in slowly with the presence of the aliens, and then gone on to tell them not a story of invasion or alien destruction, but of science and language and how we as humans view the world around us. So nothing too heavy, right?

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Doctor Strange: Majorly, Magically Marvel

Up until now, Marvel films have been doing their best to be at least semi-realistic. All the heroes became so through scientific methods or through their own creations – Thor is the most obviously magical as a demigod, whereas Wanda Maximoff’s “magic” was given to her through a combination of science and an infinity stone. With Doctor Strange, Marvel is finally embracing the mystical, magical realm you would think comes with the territory of working on a comic-book film. But after you get through the endlessly trippy moments of other dimensions, fire-like spells and amusement at the sentient cape, you’ll realize that Doctor Strange is a Marvel film like almost every other. For every witty one-liner and excellent action sequence, there are character developments that just never happen and wild camera movements that conceal more than they show. Will you enjoy Doctor Strange? Probably. But it’s not because it is the new twist on Marvel we’ve all secretly wanted – you’ll love it because it’s the Marvel you know, just with a little more acid.

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Coming Up in December (2016)

As everyone’s about to get out of school for about a month, the weather also starts to turn cold. You know what that means? That means anyone who makes movies is about to start putting out a bunch of really cool movies to keep us entertained while we’re stuck inside because of snowdrifts. So here’s what’s coming up in December (and keep in mind these are probably your last options before they start announcing Oscar nominees).

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