Coming Up in May (2016)

We have now officially entered the realm of summer blockbusters, as well as all the other little movies that will try to make their mark at the same time. Here is a list of what will kick off the summer season- what are you most excited for?

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Zootopia: Sweet Heart, Heavy Hands

*Warning: Potential Spoilers*

Zootopia walks the line between being an amusing watch for its younger viewers and deep and meaningful for the parents dragged along and the teenagers looking to continue reliving their pasts with movies about cuddly animals and slightly more adult themes to make them feel a little less childish about it. While the level of creativity and animation in this film is above and beyond, even for a Disney film, the plot is definitely more childish- it takes a good half hour for the plot to actually start, and maybe it’s because the movie is meant for children, but it is not shy about beating us over the head with the lesson off acceptance. As important as that lesson is and as hard as Disney tried with it, I have come to expect a little more elegance from them.

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