The Oscars: Live Blog 2016

Here is the link to our live blog of The Oscars for 2016! Please click and join in as we watch the golden Oscars be given, and let us know what you think of how the night is transpiring! Debates, opinions, and outbursts are all welcome, all I ask is that you be respectful of your fellow commentators.

Live Blog Oscar Viewing Party (2016)


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Coming Up in March (2016)

As the weather starts to get better and better, it may seem like you should be spending your time outside in the sun instead of in a dark theater. But, for those of you who want to get out of the wind and rain, here are the movies coming up in March.

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Deadpool: Snarky, Slur-Filled, and Sinfully Delightful

*Warning: Potential Spoilers*

It is one thing for a superhero film to be enjoyable and funny. It is quite another thing for a superhero film to not be about a superhero, but rather a filthy-mouthed and vengeful mercenary, as well as being so explicitly funny that all children under the age of sixteen should be barred at the door. It doesn’t matter that this is a Marvel film (though there will be no Avenging in this universe, Deadpool is more closely tied with the X-Men, which you’ll realize when they toss out the forbidden “M word”), Deadpool is a superhero for adults, one that is not about good versus evil or right versus wrong (basically everyone is wrong in this movie). Deadpool is an enjoyable, sarcastic and crass man in a black and red suit with katanas and for the hour and forty-eight minutes that he has to charm you, he never pulls a punch or tries to convince you he’s the one to root for. He’s just there to amuse you. And for those of you, like me, who are not particularly familiar with the X-Men universe, don’t worry too much- all you really need to know is that the X-Men live/train at Charles Xavier’s school for gifted kids and that Hugh Jackman is Wolverine.

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