Star Wars: The Force Awakens Lead-Up

Final countdown everywhere- it’s only a little more than a week before the last Star Wars film premieres! As we entire the final stretch of the wait, fans are discussing the final movie, watching all of the old movies (yes, prequels included, because some people like to be well informed!) and remembering exactly what started their love for the series to begin with.

In honor of this time in history, I took the opportunity to participate in all of the above! Below you will find an interview with fans remembering their relationships with the Star Wars franchise, a discussion with several fans about everything that the new movie may or may not entail, and a link to the live blogging event last week where several friends and I sat down and watched the original and prequel trilogies back to back.

Now, one of the greatest things about this series is the timelessness of it- sure the effects improve as the years go by, actors change, technology is different, but the real magic of this series is in how it appeals to people across all those years. My generation of those turning 20-22 are old enough that we could go see The Phantom Menace in theaters (though it would take a few years before we really understood that was not something to be happy about). Our parents and even grandparents were able to see the original Star Wars release in 1977, and now even more people are going to be exposed to a new generation of Star Wars. This series is about more than fight scenes and the Force- it’s about connecting people across many years with one story.

Obviously the original movies were great, so most fans have many opinions on what The Force Awakens should be like in order to be just as fantastic. My friends and I sat down to chat about our thoughts on The Force Awakens, and many different points were brought up, including the new look of the lightsabers, the subtle (and not so subtle) parts of the series, and the director’s views on how the movie is being made.

Now obviously my friends and I had a lot more to discuss than just hype, lightsabers and subtlety, so if you would like to hear the full discussion, please listen to the clip below. The first clip is just a shorter, perhaps more manageable version of our talk.

Going back to the beginning really reminds you what these movies were all about- fantasy, excitement, the adventure of traveling to strange and unknown worlds while overcoming insurmountable odds, the Force. It’s easy to forget about everything this series means in culture, but what’s not easy to forget is how much this series means to people, and that’s why this new movie is such a big deal- this movie is a symbol of not one but two generations and their childhood.

I held a private showing of the original six movies, which you can see below, and through it all the group and I did manage to come to the realization that the prequel trilogy isn’t nearly as bad as we make it seem. Is it as good as the originals? Of course not, nothing will be! But it’s kind of like Jurassic World– maybe it’s not everything the originals used to be, but you have to admire their visual effects and their ability to show us how the originals came to be. After all the subtle takeover of Palpatine to create the empire is fantastically done, and once you get past the cotton-candy-filled love story and onto the actual wars, the story isn’t bad either.


Live Blog Star Wars Marathon


Unfortunately I will not be able to see The Force Awakens the day it opens in theaters, but I guarantee that as soon as an opportunity arises, I will be in that theater on the edge of my seat. May the Force Be With You All, and check back in for the upcoming review of The Force Awakens!


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