Remembering The Titans- 15 Years of Becoming One

About fifteen years ago, Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer released one of their many inspirational sports films, focusing on a team overcoming great odds and diversity to eventually win the championship game. It sounds like most other sports movies, so why is it that even fifteen years later, everyone still loves this movie? In my opinion, it’s because this is more than just a football movie- it’s brotherhood and bringing people together in a time when people were splitting apart. The feeling of overcoming that keeps people coming back and keeps the movie on everyone’s list of movies you just don’t skip past when it plays on TV.

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Remakes: When They Work and When They Don’t

Some movies are so good that you just can’t help but want to see them again and again, but every once in a while, someone decides that they want to come at it from a different angle. Sometimes this works, and sometimes (okay, a lot of times) it really doesn’t. But what leads to remakes? And why don’t they all work?

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