Ant-Man: Marvel’s (And Our) Breather Film

With all of the wild, dramatic, intense and sometimes plain over-the-top action that audiences have come to expect from superhero films (especially those with the Marvel logo attached) sometimes it is nice to just sit back and enjoy some good clean humor and watch the heroes just be super. Ant-Man is just such a movie- not too deep, but enjoyable on a smaller scale. Continue reading


The Gallows: Redefines Absolutely Nothing

*Potential Spoiler Alerts- You Have Been Warned*

When I was seeing the first trailers for this movie, they kept saying “redefines horror” and I had no clue what that meant. After watching The Gallows, I still have no idea what that means because nothing was redefined. It’s the same found-footage, jump-scare-full, dramatically bad writing that most other horror movies of its budget have been. Continue reading