Avengers: Age of Ultron- Sexist or in Need of an Editor?

ReelTalker: Welcome to ReelTalk’s first discussion post! My group of friends and I are pretty big fans of the Marvel films, and this has led to many a conversation about the characters, movies and overall quality of the series. After Age of Ultron garnered a little bit of view (and after my friend Jon finally got around to seeing it!) my friends Jon, Riley, Zac and I had the following discussion about a certain scene in the film. Continue reading


The Early Posthumanist Biopic

The following article is taken from a final essay I wrote for a class. It has been edited down slightly but is for the film theorist and any other interested parties, so I have included the works I cite so that anyone who’s interested can read them and form their own thoughts!  Continue reading

New Pixar Film Will Bring Out Your “Sadness”- and Your “Joy”

*Potential Spoilers Ahead: Be Warned*

Animated films have a unique and difficult position that most movies don’t face- they must be entertaining for their intended audience (the five-to-twelve-year-olds), as well as amuse the parents who brought the intended audience, AND it must bring back delight and memories for the twenty-something-year-olds (like me) who still enjoy watching movies meant for kids because we don’t feel like grown-ups just yet. Many animated films can’t fulfill all of these requirements: I guarantee my parents haven’t enjoyed every movie I dragged them to when I was little, and I certainly haven’t enjoyed every animated film that I’ve watched since I’ve grown up a little bit and stopped being amused by simple humor.

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A Bite of the Magic

*Potential Spoiler Alert: You have been warned*

I will be the first to admit that I was worried about Jurassic World. I mean, the original Jurassic Park was groundbreaking on so many levels, and the sequels, while enjoyable, were not quite up to par. The Lost World mostly thrived on the pure essence of Jeff Goldblum, and Jurassic Park III tried…a little too hard. So when you’re seeing Chris Pratt riding a motorcycle, calling to velociraptors (my personal favorites) like they’re trained pets, you tend to get a little edgy. Continue reading

Welcome to Reel Talk!

Hello to anyone who happens to stumble upon this wonderful site, and welcome to Reel Talk! Here we will have a fun time reviewing, discussing, and just plain picking apart films and everything to do with them. I am a particular fan of details that include film scores (I personally believe that even a horrible movie can have a great score) so the nitpicking will include everything I can think of: score, camera angle, story, casting, the works.

I also promise, I will do my absolute best not to put any spoilers in my discussions, unless the movie is fairly old. Even then I will keep the game changing spoilers quiet- I know how annoying it is when the climax is spoiled before you’ve watched it!

So come along with me on this cinematic adventure and let’s Talk Reel!